Wednesday, January 27, 2010

never an organized person

I was never really an organized person. In fact, I scoffed at people who kept to-do lists and schedules neat and organized. Oh, sure i bought planners. Thye beckoned to me from their shelf at Barnes and Noble, Borders, bookstores and mall kiosks. I would pick them up, flip through their white pages and dream of keeping a planner of my life's (very exciting) events. Then I would buy lovely white unfilled out planner, put it in my purse where I would carry it for about 3.25 months and then take it out, dust it off and put it on my shelf where it remained pretty much untouched. Oh sure, the first two weeks of January were filled out lovingly but then the rest of the pages remained... white... and sparse.

I like the thought of planners but I never liked having to answer to my planner.

that is. until. now.

Since getting married I've had to forgo my careless and forgetful life. I enjoyed the first month of watching my husband carry out the laundry wandering, "Why is he carrying that load of... what is that?" And then it hit me. I can't simply live in the dreamlike oblivious state where I normally exist. If I am going to be a homemaker (which I want to be) I have to exit the fantasy life of "I'll-do-laundry-when-i-feel-like-it" and "dinner-hmmm-i-guess-i'll-eat-cereal" where I've existed off and on for 26 years.

Now I have to live in the world of meal planning, grocery shopping with a purpose (and not just meandering around talking on my cell phone although i do get some meaningful time with my long-distance girlfriends while I aimlessly walk through the aisles), keeping up with laundry (two times a week!!?!) and cleaning that little room I never go into much less think about during the day unless it's time to shower or ... go potty.

Don't get me wrong. I want to think about these things and be mindful of them. I just never had to. I did my laundry when it started to fall over onto my roommates side of the closet. I made fun meals when I was in the mood and then ate cereal when I didn't feel in the mood. I lived a very self-centered life.

Ha ha! I just had a little thought while writing that of serving on my Grandma's china a fancy dinner of cereal. I wonder what M would say?

M? What would you say?

Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yes, the planner. Well, folks. I now own, have filled out (with multiple pretty colors) and depend on my planner. It gets worse.

I also was inspired by passionate homemaking blog (see right hand side for link) to make a daily to-do list with scripture to a. keep me focused on what to do and b. remember a key verse from scripture.

She has two kids. I have none.

Lord help me if I ever decide to add to this family. I may never enter dreamworld where the laundry folds itself again.

Future kids, do you want cereal for dinner?


Jamie said...

LOVE this post! ;) i got a kick out of thinking about you wandering the grocery aisles on your cell phone and leaving with only one item or something.. ha!

Ed said...

Life is so much more meaningful when it is focused.