Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Talkin' bout a Resolution... welll, you know! We all wanna change the world!

Name that tune. Well, I did change one of the words... resolutions!

Resolutions. That's possibly on everyone's minds or has been the past week or so. Do you have resolutions? Do you like them? Do you finish them? Do you forget about yours?

I am the easiest person to make resolutions because I am a friend to almost all resolutions. I'm up to a challenge and then in July when I remember, "Ohhh yeah, whatever happened to that." I'm a quick forgiver of my resolution.

Resolutions and I get along fairly well.

So every January I make them.... I can't help it. I like the start of a new beginning. When all the world is like fresh snow blanketing a field before all the footprints and trampling muses it up. Resolutions are fun.

One of my new years resolution is to read more. So far, so good. I've read one book (technically two although I finished Old Man and the Sea before January 1st but it only took me 24 hours to read it.... to count it in my new year or not? hmmm) Anyway, I am in LOVE with Lord Peter Wimsey. If you don't know who that is, you HAVE TO find out. He's witty, charming, smart and I imagine, dashingly handsome!

So I've already finished one book and now am on the second of his escapades about Europe. He's really quite wonderful. It gives me a great sense of satisfacation knowing that not just Twilight can hold my attention and keep me up reading late at night. Whew! I'm not such a pre-pubescent reader! Praise God!

What else should I read? hmmm The reading world in my oyster and there is no one to stop me from devouring it all. Who knows what this year may bring?

What are your thoughts on resolutions and what are you going to do in 2010? I encourage you to choose something, stick to it til March and then laugh about it in July. Just kidding. That's what I do, anyway. Maybe I should make a resolution to finishing my resolutions......


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Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

Hey Jo!

YAY for reading more, what a great goal! Here's some suggestions... Right now I'm reading "Three Cups of Tea", and am being really challenged by it. I also recommend books by Jean Sasson if you want a glimpse into the crazy world of the Middle East from a woman's perspective.

And no fears...I couldn't put Twilight down!

Much love...let me know what you're reading! Book critiques by Joanna?!