Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am going crazy. In our little townhouse which I love for many reasons there is one thing I am continually saddened by. No "my own" space.

It's true, we have an office, which I gladly gave up to my husband because he needs his "own space" much more than I do. Besides I don't want to hole away from the world somewhere (I'm not that introverted!). I just want a cute little desk somewhere that I can call "my own" but still have it where the party's at. A little "my own" space in the living room would be great because I can have "my own" without bothering others. Ohhh I'm drooling right now over the thought of writing at a desk, making grocery lists, patching up my pants (and Steven's) all there, right there at "my own". Right now I have piles of books, letters, stationary, cookbooks, pretty writing utensils, yarn and sewing lying around in mod podges because I have no place to call "my own".

I am on the hunt for a small (because I have no room to have a "my own") desk or table that would fit in our living room, in the corner, where I can decadently throw my goods on and not worry that there's no room to eat, live or exist. I need "my own" space.

Do you have your own space? Your own room? Your own desk? How do you organize?

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Kelli B said...

I have a crafting table I found at Costco for like $35. It's a 6' or 4' table (i think six?) with folding legs. It's great to have a "space" for projects and is more sturdy than a folding table (those little square ones).

You could cover it with all your fun crafts or a pretty table cover and set it up right there in your living nook! :)

I was going crazy not having a permanent space for projects. Using the kitchen table then putting things away every day became tiresome and messy.

Good luck!