Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Unveil me,
I'm there.
See me,
don't just find me useful.
It's not about my color,
it's not about my shape,
it's about my purpose.
I reflect.

you've tried to move me,
to hide me,
to make me something I can't be.

I was once young,
I was once unashamed,
I was once glorious.
Now you pass me,
drive by me,
fly through the thought of me on your way
to becoming something you weren't meant to be

dead in our transgressions

But I bekon and call,
I invite.
Seek me,
unveil me,
share with me adventures,
I am more than what you see.

What do I say to you?
In the morning,
when you wake from slumber?
In the afternoon,
in a child's laugh?
In the Colorado mountains,
the blue sea,
the horse that runs free,
the rainbow that shimmers solidly.

I am a woman
I was made for beauty,
and I am not, *sigh*, talking about moisturizer creams
and leg lifts,
skinny this and lose that.

I am beauty.
I was created to reflect
the beauty in God...
I am His rainbow,
His sunshine,
His child's laughter,
His morning sunrise.

Before I ate the apple I was
but we walked with you...
and now, I catch a glimpse
of the depth of what that apple held.
I was convinced you were holding out on me,
convinced I knew better.

Oh, forgive me
for I didn't know, didn't realize
how deep the sorrow would run.
How vast the separation would look to me.
Now I long to walk with You,
to talk to You,
to be with You...

Thank You for not forgetting
for sending
for reaching,

Too much of me has been lost,
we've forgotten,
forgotten Your heart,
Your dreams.
Forgive us.

Show me,
what it looks like
to walk with You as before,
to share the
"radiance hidden in my heart that the world desperatly needs"
inspired by Eldredge's "Captivating"
seriously this book speaks so much to my
heart about God and my relationship
to Him as a woman.

1 comment:

Kelli B said...

Joanna, you have a GIFT. A gift of poetry. Of writing.

I've been drawn in. I've held my breath. I've let the sigh of relief go. I've had my mind and heart opened. All b/c of your writing. All in one sitting.

Beautiful. That's what you are.