Friday, June 09, 2006

Rainy Season

Welcome to the first day of rainy season, my friends. The season where every day it will rain like you've never seen it before...
What's going to get me through this rainy time?
Here are a few of the funny/interesting things I've discovered lately that will keep my rainy days SUNSHINY! (if laughing were a hobby, it would be mine)
Without further ado:
Portrait of My Sunshine
1. the fact that my adorable niece is adorable
2. the fact that she is appropriately dressed in the Cubs gear
3. the fact that Jordan is growing out his hair and wears it in a pony... that is tettering on the "gross" part of my rainy season but I think you are funny, Jordan so I'll let it pass. (loved your email to Jonah.... or did I, that is the question?!)

4. Good music (just received another cd from Asachan) and the thought of my Pops playing somewhere.

5. My rockin' journal I share with Kelli Burrier~ we write and journal and then trade this beast back and forth. It's my turn and I am so excited to write in it.

6. The yummy food and good friendships. Could Kie be any cuter?

7. My English kids, and "stolen" games of Duck, Duck, Goose! They love this game although I don't think two of them understand it. They may be too little because when they "goose" each other they just end up chasing the wrong one. It's adorable.

8. My little boy who can't quite get the whole "chasing the person you tag" part of this game... instead of him BEING chased after he "gooses" someone~ he always ends up chasing them.

9. t-shirts that are hilarious...

10. babies who sit on "hello kitty" blankets. I was so happy Lenora was using my gift to her. :)

There are plenty of things to bring sunshine into my life...but I just wanted to share a few. Hope you can enjoy them yourself!


Kelli B said...

I think this is a universal thing: that children LOVE duck duck goose but dont quite understand the rules! We play a lot with Miya and my cousin Logan, and Logan loooooves to goose you and then chase you around the yard; otherwise, he runs the perimeter of the yard or in aimless directions! :)

Love it. Lenora is CUTE!!! So cute. I love the tee-shirt...i think it's my favorite!

Rebecca Schupbach (seriously) said...

Really cool hair, Jordan! You look really hip and cool, like a rock star or something. I mean it, that hair is awesome!

(Jordan did not write this and impersonate Becca)

Joanna Kay said...

Jordan, how dull our lives would be without you? You seriously are the most random and fun post-er I have ever had on here. You are hilarious... oh, wait I mean Rebecca is.

Jordan (the rock star) said...

Thanks bec for the compliment. I am actually trying to get my hair to look like your hair. I think it is almost the same length now...

...hey what type of product do you use to get the curls so beautiful?!?!
Thanks again, you are my inspiration.

(seriously this is jordan, not becca!)

Rochelle said...

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but I cut nearly 3 inches of Jordan's lovely locks off last night. Now it looks like a "bob".

Kelli B said...

hahaha! *laughing*

Joanna Kay said...

A "bob"? Jordan you are so weird. I have this mental picture of a little pageboy haircut~ I don't know why they called it a pageBOY because only girls wore it. Hmmm...

Joanna Kay said...

Actually that picture of Leni and Jordan is funny cause Uncle Jordan is the one who looks like he's going to barf.