Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Devotions Daily

Every day we have opportunities~
We can declare victory in the Lord
or give in to the feeling that we are nothing
not worth anything,
never going to make a difference.
Every day we can join the fight
or sit on the side,
that we could make a difference.
But I am only one person
one voice
I make mistakes
and I stumble so
What kind of victory can I have?
The daily kind
the kind where I beat the odds
get behind the wheel
and prove everyone
The kind
where I decide
God is worth it.
Worth leaving the sidelines
to pick up my Word,
my sword
and declare victory in my own life,
in my own heart.
Today is YOUR day Lord.
Today I won't let my lazy butt
my excuses,
my past
my present
or my future
step in the way.
I want to see victory
because you are worth it.

They packed their bags and their coffins, knowing that the only time they would return to their homes was in them. And as they sailed away, their loved ones were shouting at them from the shore. And they called back, "May the Lamb receive the price of His suffering."


Kelli B said...

wow. AWESOME. You have a gift for writing my friend.

What is the last quote from? It's familiar to me...and such a good one!

Love ya- thanks for your encouraging words today.

the jake said...

That's about the scariest picture I've seen in a loooong time. Do they really let you drive there?

Mom said...

God IS good! You go, girl! May you and I both be victorious in all we do for Him! I love your driving pic. You are awesome, and I am so-o-o proud of you! XOXOXO

Kelli B said...

Right now you are probably running...yay!

It's fun - the last two days God has brought you to mind about this time, and I remember...JO! She's probably running right now!

It's fun to pray over you while you run. Blessings, sista. Any more driving experience set up for the day? :) I hope you love it! Do you drive on the right or left side of the street? So weird...

Jordan said...

10 and 2. Very good.