Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thanks Leah

Love letters written between my Grandpa and Grandma Schupbach during WW2.
Thanks Leah. This is an amazing gift. I can't believe you did this. Thank you so much.


JoPappa said...

How'd you do this cool link?

Leah and Marge were over this morning to our garage sale.

I told Leah then how awesome this is to all of us in the family.

Can't wait to get my copy and read it.

leah said...

You're welcome!

I put up one of the letters in the "Ink Will Stay" blog so you can get a little preview of the book.

I know you'll love it. Their letters are so cute and hilarious. Not at all what you'd consider "love letters" these days...

Thanks for linking to the book!


leah said...
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leah said...


the code for that button can be found on the ink will stay blog. i can't paste it unfortunately... won't work.