Monday, March 05, 2007

Edwin Jr.

I am my father's daughter.
I had a bowl of cereal and popcorn and called it "dinner".... all that was missing was my Granny Smith apple, right Pops? I keep seeing little things that remind me of my parents. I burst into tears like my mother... and now, I've developed the eating habits of my Pops. Now if I could only inherit his musical genes and my mother's faithfulness and both their devotion through the years for the Lord; I'll consider myself blessed. I am well on my way to becoming Ed Jr.


mom - no, leslie - no,mom said...

Let's see now...the one on the right is - the - the right...
Oh dear, I can hardly tell them apart! How funny! :)

Joanna Kay said...

look... i've even got the whole "bird" thing going on like my Pops. Man, I am the coolest Edwin Jr. ever.
P.S. Mom, that's me on the right, if you ever get confused just look into our eyes. Dad is the one with the deep blue rivers of wonder in his eyes while I have green with brown around the middle and little flecks of blue (according to something my dear couosin Rikki once told me.)

Kelli B said...

hey jo - i've been gone on vacation this past week...just spent some time catching up on your blog posts. the one video you did was AWESOME! it made me tear up. I just miss ya, and love that we get a brief "in" to your everyday life and video brings it close to home.

ps - love the stash. great photo!