Friday, March 30, 2007

This week in pictures

Here is a summary of this week's silliness in pictures. Also, to see the kind of waterpark Amy and I took visited out this. Scroll down to see the coffee, tea, sake, and wine bath. No joke.
I also thoroughly enjoy this weird-oh mood I am in and sorry, Mom, I know you hate this picture but... it makes me chuckle. Me being silly and then me "scolding" myself for being silly.

Oh Lenora. How I love thee. You will always be the special baby of our family... even though you are being joined by more this year.Mimi, my friend from Iowa (woop, woop to Jamie's bible study) shared this picture of her son Alex with me. He is SUCH a cutie. Mims knew I was homesick so she sent me some laughter. Thanks Mimi. I love you. Can't wait to see you again someday. (Jamie, can you believe how BIG Alex has gotten? Remember seeing him in the hospital?)


Kelli B said...

Okay, when I come to Japan for a visit, will you take me to this spa? I cant even BELIEVE it exists. That would be HILARIOUS and SO FUN! We'd laugh all the way through.

I love you friend. So much.

jamie said...

oh my! alex is so cute- i can't believe he'll be two in may! love you girls- miss seeing you and hanging out with the old Bible study!