Friday, March 02, 2007

Sand or rock?

This week I joined the Utsunomiya BEST club for some good ol' fashioned snowboarding (i know, scold me, I have such selfish reasons for joining, right?) but it actually really ministered to my heart to be there.

The first night I got the chance to be in a group discussion with four of the students who asked good deep questions about life. We talked mostly about the verses about building your house on sand or rock... they really dug in deep and were thinking hard about their own lives. It was so much fun to challenge and encourage them to build their houses on the rock. Even though they are 19 years old I wanted them to realize how fast time goes...

The second night Mark and Jin joined us and talked about their love story. How Mark prayed for Jin and then pursued her (it's a great story, ask them about it sometime) and that really got me thinking too. We broke up into groups and talked about love and what the Bible says about love... and we talked about our own life stories. My friend from Utsu commented on a past relationship she had been in and instead of focusing on where it went wrong, she was so gracious to talk about the good points. She really honored her former boyfriend and I was so super impressed with her gentleness.

This week really got me thinking about life...

Am I building on rock or on sand?

And do I focus on the positive or dwell on the negative?

It just really spurred me on to think so positively about life and about where God has brought me. I'm not talking about one specific event in life or any event at all. I just am talking so generally.

There is so much beauty in the world and so many blessings that have been poured out on me and my life.

I'm doing a lot of thinking and I keep typing and then erasing... anyway, random thoughts but it's 1:30AM and I knew I shouldn't have had that cafe au lait but seriously, I need to at least try to get some sleep.

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jamie said...

we just talked about that same Mt 7 passage at our japanese bible discussion today- i wrote you an email about some of it.
love you jo