Thursday, March 15, 2007

If my shoes were made of cheesecake, I'd eat them instead of throwing them away...

Sorry faithful fans of Joanna's blog...
hisashiburine? Long time no see...
It's been a trippy and busy couple of weeks. But here are some photos from the highlights... also, I made a video of cheesecake that Asako, Jennifer, and I made but I forgot my password into vimeo... sooo I don't know what to do? Maybe use google video?
Anyway, here are the pictures you've been anxiously awaiting for...
Well, I wish this were from me, but nope. This is from Asako's trip to Vienna. BEAUTIFUL!

Melt my heart into a lump of heart stuff on the floor. Leni working her magic in the kitchen. Man, I miss that sweetie pooh. She's such a riot. (P.S. Jordan and Rochelle are officially have a GIRL! Hooray!!)
I like to think she gets her cutie looks from her Aunt...Joanna. :)
I told Yaya, "Take a manly mighty bite!" and this is what I got.Jennifer and I working our magic in the kitchen. Our cheesecake was soooo good. I had never made cheesecake before but it was SO much fun. I hope to get the video up for you. It was fun to make but ohhhh way too sweet for me.
Atsushi is job hunting in Tokyo so we met today for lunch. He's a Shizuoka friend. The view was AMAZING. This my friends is the "town" I call home. Whoa baby! It's just a LITTLE bit bigger than Reeve, don't you think? :)
Atsushi and IGuess who turned two today? Isn't this a sweet photo of Jin and Kayla? I love it. Jin is looking so sweetly on her baby. :)
Here's her first birthday... ha ha! I think the hair helps a bit... what a sweet baby.Jin and Kayla doing her "cute" pose.
Happy Birthday Kayla.
Hope to get the video up soon. I'm off to bed.
Love you all.

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Christy said...

That picture of Ya-ya is my favorite!

Jin and Kayla are so cute too...and このケーキがおいしそう!both your cheesecake and Kayla's cake!

Love you