Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Well, I've done it... I've managed to get sick and throw off my entire body... my body is confused about sleeping, eating, everything. I was EXHAUSTED last night as I was walking to meet a friend and all I could do was talk to her reschedule our time together then go home where I could cry (i was super tired) and lay down in bed.
I was thinking during this time how earlier I had been praying for time alone with God and how I hadn't had a decent time alone with Him. So when I finally ran myself out of energy I decided to take the next two days and spend it with Him.
I am trying to focus on the fun and positive things in my life. CJ Mahaney says in his book, Humility True Greatness that it's "as if God (was) placing sticky notes in our lives as daily reminders of His presence and provision." So here are my sticky notes of blessings from God...
Jamie sent me a sweet quote I want to share with all my women friends; whether you are married or single I think this applies to you.
"A woman's heart should be so hidden in God, a man must seek Him to find her." CJ Mahaney's book on humility suggests daily ways of weakening pride and cultivating humility. Some of the ways include; Begin your day by acknowledging your dependence upon God and your need for God, begin your day expressing gratefulness to God, and cast your cares upon Him.
Precious time with a new friend Echan.
Today I must throw my favorite pair of shoes away. They are by far my favorite pair of shoes except for my silver sequin flops I had two years ago... i blew out both pairs. Guess that proves I play favorites when it comes to shoes. (oh and this is a blessing because I love going for walks and God has been really impressing on me the beauty Himself in Japan during those times)
My love for walks+my love for LONG walks+my love for crocs=soggy socks (see below)
Sweet time with another new friend; Chinese exchange student Bichan.
Other blessings include: working on the SIJ placements on different campuses. Praise God we think we may have enough to fill every campuses "wish list". We are praying for another man but at this point it looks like God is really stirring American student's hearts to join us here in Nihon for the summer.
And!! It looks like Ayachan is going to live with Mary and I starting this June. This is a huge answer to prayers! Mary and I are PUMPED for time with Ayano and time to really bless her as a roommate. This past year with just Mary and I has been amazing because I've grown to love and admire Mar Bear but we are both excited to open our home and hearts to Ayachan. I'll keep you posted as this is still in the works.


Ojen said...

oh no! ur crocs! how sad. Does keigo (was it Keigo or Mikun) ever wear his?? i remember you telling me that you convinced him to buy a pair by telling him itll be really cool and "in" soon so he should get it. and he did haha. great stuff =)

Joanna Kay said...

it was keigo and what can i say? i'm a trendsetter. ha ha just kidding. oh yeah, the humility book... man, i have so much to work on. ha ha ha!
sad news about the crocs, huh? i was wearing them like crazy even when they were wearing thin because i love them so much but then last night i got home and i had busted through a brand new pair of socks because it was like walking barefoot... sad news. i'm in the market for some new ones plus, i think joni is going to send some RAINBOWS with Ty when he returns to Nihon. So i think i'll hold off on the crocs and wait to see... or i may get some new ones.
how are you? I need to write you an email and remind you of how much i love you.
when i come home again i'm thinking of seriously becoming a bum. can i live on your couch for a little while? ;)
love you

emily said...

Joanna, You'll never believe it...I just read that quote on your blog and I have been emailing people all day today that quote because it is SO good! CRAZY! and then you made a comment on my blog with that quote! CRAZY! I was actually going to do a post on it! I am SO SO SO glad that you are listening to the messages. Aren't you so thankful that you are learning this stuff now. WOW! I can't stop praising God about it! YEAH! I Would love to know more about what God is laying on your heart about it, or how you have been processing through it. VERY cool!