Sunday, March 04, 2007

thoughts, blogs and links

I've had some fun catching up with friends through the blogging world.
One of the people I would like to meet someday is Christine. You can check out her blog here and see how MUCH blogging has changed her life.
Through Christine I found girltalk which is a blog by Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters. Check that out here.
And once again, through girltalk I found manspeak which I didn't read to indepth about BUT they had a funny story about the difference between men and women pertaining to food. Here is that one. I recommend reading it. I laughed hysterically and then made Mary read it.
My favorite part is when the author said, "Guys don’t even make dessert. They are usually like, “After you eat that microwaved pizza, if you are still hungry, I have some Frosted Flakes and milk in the fridge. Help yourself."

Enjoy my random train of thoughts, blogs and links


Jeremiah said...

hahaha.. SO TRUE..

jamie said...

jo- seriously check out the girltalk link- a couple of posts down is a picture of a school "friday funnies" NASTY!

jamie said...

ha not a school a squirrel!!! i'm laughing- ha!