Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Yesterday we headed out to tell Chuo students about BEST club.
Here is Mary, Fuyu, Asako, and I sporting the BEST t-shirts. (thanks Eddie) The fellas! Kong, Mikkun, Mamo, Masa, and Mark
On the way home with Mary...
The pathway near our house
Ahhh spring.


Jomama said...

How beautiful is Springtime in Japan. How beautiful is a girl with her friends. How cool to have guys and gals to help promote BEST Club. I hope it's your BEST year ever! :)

Christy said...

Oh my gosh. Bring Mary back here.
No, bring me back to Japan so I can be with you all.

Wow, this post is making ME cry. Even though it's short, just...WOW. Like, last summer I was walking down that path to your apartment and look at it now... ;-; so beautiful!

I've been praying for you guys and your recruiting time. I love you guys and miss you terribly, especially this past week for a few reasons. I'm excited for my summer this year, but feeling more and more just wanting to go back.

Remind Mary that I want a BEST club T-shirt if there are any left.

Joanna Kay said...

Christy, where's the love man? Bring MARY back, remind MARY... hello?! Girl, what's up?! Ha ha ha! Why not ask me to come to Japan or ask me for the t-shirts? ha ha ha! You are silly.

Joanna Kay said...

And when I say "come TO Japan" I actually mean Arizona. oops!

Christy said...

haha! sorry, I definitely would love it if you'd come to Arizona! Would you? :D And you could send me the Tshirt if you really want!

(btw, thank you for the origami!)

Joanna Kay said...

whew, good thing we cleared that up. I was beginning to think you didn't love me anymore. I was just about to confirm my flight tonight to Arizona to pursue your love and friendship but seeing you had commented again and cleared things up I can breathe more easily.
I wish I had a private jet to fly to AZ and CA. I would. I would get in this weekend and tell my pilot (Todd) that he should fly pronto to AZ. And then I would use my time machine to make time go super slow so that we could enjoy like a year in one weekend.
Woop Woop!
If we have any t-shirts left they are ALL yours. Although you may get a larg-oh because all the smalls are selling like hot cakes.
Soooo... I'll keep you posted on that one.
Remember that I love you, I think you are great, and I miss you more than you know...