Thursday, April 05, 2007


Today Ames and I walked to Tama Center.
Where I obsessed over some fun glasses... do these look like me?
Or these? Daaaahhhling!
And I decided to grow asparagus this spring...
and I found out that bloody noses can happen anywhere... including talking to the postman while buying stamps. Chotto hazukashikatta.


Kelli B said...

oh man! i had a bloody nose on Wednesday while eating a taco at a restaraunt. Random. And fun that we shared in that together.

Dude. the photos of the flowers are glorious! i love them!

i wish wish wish that i could come spend a week with you. just you and me. that would be the best part of my year. of my decade. of my LIFE. :)

i love ya. did you get the package yet?

Jeremy said...

Hey Bean,

Love you

just wanted to say that,

that and Happy Easter