Friday, April 20, 2007


I've been thinking about Jonathon over and over again. (think Bible character, think 1Samuel)

I'm so in awe of the way God released his heart to love David.

Think about it... Jonathon was supposed to be the king. But then this little shepherd boy comes and steals the show. We all know how Jonathon's father reacted; spears thrown, a life of pursuing David to kill him, anger, God's spirit leaving him...

But Jonathon loved David like a brother, like his own soul. It says in 1 Samuel that Jonathon knit David's heart to his own.

I'm just wondering what kind of peace it would take for the Prince to not only "give his throne" but then LOVE the person who was going to take his throne.

I think I am like Saul, in so many situations, I think, "Hey, this is rightfully mine! Give it to me." But after studying Jonathon I decided that I want to grow into a heart that is content with where God has me and with what God is giving me.

And on top of that, I want to love and have my heart knit to others.

I'm not really sure what that looks like, you know like what "throne" am I holding on to? What do I need to let go.... but it's fun to think about and fun to pray about and fun to believe that one day I can (by God's strength and grace) let go of the things on earth.

Thoughts? Insights? I welcome anything you can offer on this subject.
Servanthood, Brother(sister)hood, Love, Humility.....

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