Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This year's BEST club BBQ was so much fun. We had a blast.
This is Madoka, Yumi, and Megumi with me on the train. These three girls are freshman at Shuto Daigaku. They are SO much fun. BEST club boys take care of the cookin'!! Ty, Kyle, Mikkun and Masashi!
The group rounding up for introductions.
We had yummy American style hamburgers.
The BEST club ladies gather on the riverside for lunch.

After lunch we played skits. We had to act out different household applicances; here is Team #1 with their act of the television.
Here is the team that acted out a fan. It was really cute. I only got a video of the actual fan so I will try and get it up later.
Here is the team that acted out the escalator.
Our BEST BBQ has a great location. Here Jennifer, Abbie and I check out the water... to swim or not to swim? That was the question.
Taka and Kyle
Jin showing us her killer skateboarding moves. She is one kewl chica!
Takayasu is a kewl dude too!! Here he is pulling off a stunt.
Oh, Mary. How I love thee. A cool picture of her and Abbie.
Amy took this, me... just a driving through Tokyo.


Holly said...

so, i have to confess. at first i thought that picture was posed. how could that have been taken of you driving. i mean. that is your left side. it has to be posed. and then i remember that you drive on the other side of the street.

Mom XOXOX said...

I LOVE your curls and your beautiful smile. I can hear your laugh through these pictures. What a fun day with friends! Nice job too, focusing on your driving! You make me and Mr. Granger proud! :)