Thursday, April 12, 2007


The doorbell rang as if a choir of angels... and I knew.
Kelli's package had arrived. However, it was GINORMOUS! I was not expecting this....
ohhhh what can it be? My first peek inside
Kel, you SPOIL me! The Holiday... what a great movie.
Ohhhh Special K from my Special K
hooray! Something I haven't seen since the 7th grade. Yummy surprise!
This is my "you-gotta-be-kidding-me-you-crocheted-me-an-entire-blanket" face. Wow! I am trying not to burst into tears. Kelli Burrier!! You are a spectacular friend. Ahhh, really!
To top off all the fun surprises... the journal is in my posession again.
Fun thoughts and pictures from Kelli with questions, prayers, dreams, and encouragement from my long distance friend... oh, Kel! Thank you so much. I am super excited to start reading it. It's almost as good as having you here. :) I can't wait for our phone date in May.


Jamie said...

i visit here often to see what's up in the life of jo and mary in tokyo :) LOVE reading your posts! (you're too funny!) i pray for you and mary as i think about moving in jan.. hopefully we will meet and hug on japanese soil :)

-jamie o.

Joanna Kay said...

Jamie, Wow! I am so excited you are reading the blog. I've been wanting to get to know you and now the link to your blog is my "way in"! hee hee!
Lord willing we WILL hug on Japanese soil. I'll still be here (unless God does something HUGE) and so will Mary. Get ready for some sweet hug and hang out time. :)

Kelli B said...

yay!!! oh it's great - if only i could be there to see your shocked face like, if i were a fly on the wall. i'd buzz around happily until you smacked me silent with a fly swatter. okay never mind. i'm content reading your blog and seeing your "reaction" from this vantage point :)

i'm a huge nerd.

yay for gifts!!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it. when i pick up my new copy of The Holiday, we can sit and watch it...somehow, with the time change...together and laugh and cry. then laugh some more and cry some more.

like "oops...accidental boob graze." or when Diaz cries her first real tears and runs back to that GORGEOUS theme song music we love so much.

oh - i just got chills.

i'm totally girl.

Love you friend - cant wait to "gift" you again!!!

ooh - and we may be moving in to the apt. early - like this weekend!!! so maybe our phone date can be sooner! :) we'll play that one by ear.