Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Last Two Weeks

These are some photos from the last two weeks or so...

Mary and I had lunch with a freshman gal, Sae. Lunch turned into dinner, turned into a few games of SEQUENCE. It was a lot of fun.

Then Kyle had his birthday... and we had a little... too much fun with a blond wig that Mark wore to surprise Kyle.
Looks natural, doesn't it?
Looks... natural? Happy Birthday Kyle.

Even Yaya got in on the wig action.
Ty can be cool... even in a blond wig.
If you look long enough, you'll convince yourself that Mark looks EXACLTY like Ryan Mullarky in this picture.
Ryan, Mark, Ryan, Mark... I really can't tell the difference. Must be the blond curls they both have.
Blowing out the candles.

Speaking of Birthday Boys... Mark had his birthday yesterday the 22nd of April. We celebrated by going hiking in Tokyo (yes, Tokyo).
Mikkun, Masashi, and Ty came along.
Yes, this is Tokyo. It's hard to believe but since Tokyo spreads out over a lot of area. It's possible for some of the area to look like this. :)
Hiking was so much fun. It was not too hot with a slight cool breeze so it was great conditions.
The hike also had my personal favorite... lots of BRIDGES!!!

The three ladies on the hike. Don't ask but I'm pretty sure I was flashing my gang signs... oh I am hilarious when I am in these moods. :)
When we got back, Jin had decorated the house and the kids in honor of VIRGINIA TECH (Mark and Jin's alma mater). It was a great way to honor the people who had died. I knew it really meant a lot to Mark and it was cool to see Jin honor her husband with such a fun surprise. To top it off, the cute Rood family even did a Virginia Tech pyramid.
Awwwwwwww......... cuuuute!

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Jomama said...

What fun pictures! What fun friends! The blonde wig is awesome. I LOVE the big smiles! You go Tokyo team! Happy Birthdays, Mark and Kyle! Keep that sparkle going...