Thursday, January 05, 2006

And the winner is....

This is a shout-out to Rachel Hopp!!! YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THE FIRST PACKAGE TO COME TO JAPAN!! You even beat (sorry J&R) RoJo coffee!! We were so happy to get your package of yummy goodness and even the post-its (no joke, I have a weird obsession with post-its!! I love them!!)! Thank you friend. Holls and I were talking about how special the package is from you because you "understand" the loneliness and need for "home" stuff as missionaries or just being overseas.

For winning, Rach, you get a lifetime supply of stupid jokes told by me, countless hours of movie watching, and our never-ending-never-leaving-you-to-be-half-eaten-by-wild-dogs LOVE. We will love you until the day we die. No joke. And that's ALL YOURS (our love) for free since you sent the first package. p.s. Rach, thanks for the M&M's... I've been keeping mine stored away cause I'm squirreling them away for a rainy day. YOU ROCK SISTER CHRISTIAN!!
p.p.s. the picture of HOLLY makes the package totally worth it, doesn't it? I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard.


Kelli B said...

Okay, that was the FUNNIEST of all your blog entires! The pictures of you and Holly jumping in enjoyment of your packages is FUNNY!!!

You earned another because-Kelli-is-sick-she-sounds-like-a-barking-dog laugh! :)

PS_will you send me an email if ever you NEED anything? Marcus and I would like to serve you by giving you things you might need. Even a new pair of undies, should you find you have to go in the middle of a kitchen...oops. did I say that aloud? I guess nobody else will understand but you, Paul, and Marcus!!!!! HA!!!! But in all seriousness - please let me know. I want to help you out.

Normal-mom (sometimes) said...

I can not believe that you two weren't the biggest names in Hawkeye cheerleaders that they have ever had!! Their loss for sure! That FB team could have been in the RoseBowl for four years with you two and Matt J as Herky! UI blew it big time! :)
Love you both! Go Hawks!