Thursday, January 05, 2006

Three blogs today....

Hey ya'll!! I posted three different blogs today... so be sure to check it out. :) This is Holly's birthday and a fun night of amazing food, chocolate explosion, and KARAOKE!!!

Nothing like getting the girls to sing a little Backstreet Boys!! Hey, what can I say? They're making a comeback in Japan... so it's an easy way to use all those wasted teenage years to sing with students. :) Here is Mitsuru, Takayasu (singing), Megumi and I... Holly and I singing "DANCING QUEEN" dedicated to Eddie since his family tradition for Christmas was listening to "the Best of Abba". (Don't ask... ha ha!!)
I had a blast and am enjoying the Japan life. It's so much fun and I love my new friends.


ange said...

do you ever see pictures or video of someone and they look like themselves but kind of different and you realize that's what they'll look like when they grow up?

no? i'm crazy?

well that last picture of you singing is totally grown up joanna (the one on the right). and she's lovely!

Joanna Kay said...

ANG!! My goodness, um tear anyone? Thanks for the comment. I do know that feeling where you see someone and you can't help but stare (at least I stare) and then they turn and it's as if you were staring at a friend... yeah, I know that feeling. Holly and I just up with Tim Noxon's twin. NO JOKE! He is with Navs. here in Japan. I was like, "NO WAY" but it was!
Thanks for the comment. When you going to come and visit me?
p.s. thanks for the glitter letter idea. They provided for MUCH fun.