Saturday, January 21, 2006

It feels like home...

It's starting to feel more like home... Holly and I are starting to settle into our surroundings. Tonight we hung out with friends...

this is us, eating "okonomiyaki". It is SO yummy!! I love it. Oishi!

The reason it feels more like home today, is because it SNOWED! SNOWED! SNOWED! today! I was so excited. The children made an igloo today. This is looking out from the railroad station that I go to almost every day.

Isn't the snow beautiful? It definitely looks more like Illinois or Wisconsin! Holly and I feel more at home with all this beautiful snow. This is Tomo and I.

Yeah, anyone want to send me "White Christmas" on DVD? ha ha

Snow! Snow! Snow!

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your mom said...

No, no, no...snow is pretty...YOU are beautiful! Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures. I miss WI snow too. Today it is raining in IL and FL. That just does not count for winter! :)
I love reading your faithful blog entries. I DO know you! XOXOXO