Friday, January 06, 2006

It's late and I'm tired so I think I'm hilarious!!

Jeremy, Jordan and Jonah...
Please forgive me for being up too late. I think that I am stinkin' hilarious right now. Gomenasai (sorry)!! But Holly received this e-card and I loved it so much I made her send it to me so everyone can enjoy it. Please follow this link.

Or . you can follow these steps:
1. Go to our homepage at
2. Choose "Free E-Cards" under the "Our Products" section.
3. Click the link that says "Pick up an e-card."
4. Enter your e-mail address and this number: EG5140561664549. Click "Display Greeting," and enjoy your e-card.

Enjoy!! And JER, JORDAN, and JONAH YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS ONE!! I laughed so hard. Although this kind of thing might be more Jordan's sense of humor ;) ENJOY!!!

Gambatte (try hard!)


Jordan said...


Kelli B said...

Oh man, that was good. That was a good one. took me a few times, but i played and got close!

Holly is FUNNY!

ange said...

freakin awesome. except i had my speakers muted and didn't know that the little guy was helping me out the whole time.

what an ass.

JoPappa said...

I got a bullseye second try...

But the bull looks really funny with a donkey's tail in his eye.

Strange game.